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Terms and Conditions


All owners looking to board their dog(s) with Maghull Pet Nanny Home Boarding will be required to bring their dog(s) to a familiarisation meeting with our resident dog. This usually takes 1-2 hours (over a cup of tea) and is not subject to a charge.


Dogs Must :-



be Sociable

be friendly (to other dogs and humans)

be used to walking on a lead

have good recall (written permission will be required if they are allowed of a lead)

be up to date with flea, tick and worming treatments





have up to date vaccinations (proof of this will need to be viewed, please bring their record card each time they stay.)

be spayed / neutered




Any dog that comes under ANY of the following will NOT be accepted :-


Listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act

Aggressive (towards humans or other dogs)

Badly Behaved

Bitches in season or due to be in season


We are a family run business that cares for dogs in the exclusivity of our own home. Should your dog(s) show any aggression or was to bite another dog (including the resident dog), you accept that he or she will be placed in a dog boarding kennel until your return and that this will be subject to a 20.00 transfer charge plus all kennelling fees. Owner will be notified before action is taken.


Should your dogs behaviour become uncontrollable, destructive or unreasonable you accept that he or she will be placed in a dog boarding kennel until your return and that this will be subject to a 20.00 transfer charge plus all kennelling fees. You agree to pay any reasonable cost for damage caused by your dog. Owner will be notified before action is taken.


We only take small to medium sized dogs.


Owner's Undertaking


The owner herby agrees to his dog(s) being boarded with a resident dog and where applicable, dogs from a different household. That his dog has not been exposed to Rabies or Distemper within a period of 30 days prior to this agreement and has been inoculated against Distemper, Parvo-virus and Leptospirosis and such inoculations remain effective at the date of this agreement. That his dog(s) at anytime prior to the date hereof attacked any human being or animal. That there are no material facts and circumstances which have not been disclosed to Maghull Pet Nanny Home Boarding and which, if disclosed might reasonable be expected to affect the decision of Maghull Pet Nanny to enter into this agreement. That the information set out in the Booking Confirmation Form is complete in every respect.


Charges & Payments


The boarding / home visit charge shall be an amount that is set by Maghull Pet Nanny Home Boarding and agreed (either verbally or in writing) by the owner. In addition Maghull Pet Nanny shall be entitles to charge the owner a) any special charges authorised in advance, b) any vetinary charges incurred by Maghull Pet Nanny for the benefit of the owners dog(s). Any charges relating to the above shall be met by the owner.


Drop Off & Collection Times


Drop Off: 

To be agreed


Before 12:00. After midday a 12.00 day charge will be applied


Owner's Failure to Collect


In the event of failure by the Owner to collect his dog(s) on the pick up day, without prior notification or any contact from the Owner (or Owner's representative) for 7 days, will be deemed abandoned. The Animal Welfare Officer will be informed and Maghull Pet Nanny reserves the right to terminate this agreement without notice and re-home the Owner's dog(s) by any reasonable means. Maghull Pet Nanny can not be held responsible should this occur. It is English Law and any dispute arising out of it shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England  and Wales.



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